Pre-Visit Checklist

Preparing To Digitize VHS Tapes Or Convert From VHS to Mp4


Hello, and thank you for choosing us for your conversion process. We provide excellent digital transfer services at very affordable rates. Because of our vast experience, you can rest easy knowing that we will carefully convert VHS to DVD without loss or damage. We take care with your special memories.

We’ve created this checklist to help you properly prepare your original video or audio before we copy tapes to DVD.

Additionally, we encourage you to closely review the rates provided on the “Prices” page; this allows us to communicate with clear expectations. It also allows us to provide you with timely service. We are confident that we have very competitive prices compared to other companies that transfer VHS to DVD.

Please note that any time we refer to “tapes” below, we mean any of analog formats we convert. This includes VHS to Mp4 and Beta.

Ok, let’s get started!

The Checklist

  1. Is any mould present? It looks like white patches on the black tape.

Please note that we can only clean mould from VHS tapes at this time. Find the cost of mould cleaning on the “Prices” page.

  1. Please check if the tapes are intact or if there are snaps and tears in the tape. You are able to open the flap on the outer of the tape, and this will allow you to visually inspect for snaps or tears.

Please take note that there is an extra cost for repair of snapped tapes. Prices for tape repair can be accessed on the “Prices” page.

  1. Please label your tapes with numbers, starting with “1” and continuing in a consecutive fashion. For example, if there are three tapes in total, please label in order “1”, “2”, “3” in a chronological manner.

The label on your tapes may also be accompanied by some text, of your choice – for example, “John’s 50th Birthday”. Labeling your tapes in this manner will allow reformatted files to be appropriately named. This will allow you ease of access to enjoy your memories; the label name on your DVD copies cannot be changed after creation.

Please note, there is a limit of 20 characters per label, per tape.

  1. Please ensure you take note of the physical number of tapes you will be providing for the conversion.
  2. It is appreciated when the tapes are delivered in an opaque container or bag. The tapes will be returned to you in the same manner, at the conclusion of the service.

Need help?

Have you got any questions about these steps?

We hope everything is clear but if you have questions we are happy to help. Call us on 0433 595 884, or visit the Contact Us page on our site.