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Convert video tapes to digital – for memories worth remembering


Place an order by telling us the type and number of tapes and your chosen format (USB or DVD).



Drop off the tapes at one of our locations or post them to us, we will post back with tracked delivery



No need to pay upfront! Receive and pay the invoice once your tapes are digitised and ready.



Receive both your original tapes and digitised versions (and get ready for hours of reminiscing!).

We are proud to offer excellent customer service throughout, keeping you in the loop from the moment you send off your tapes until they return to your front door.
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.mp4 format compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, tablet , smart phone and smart tv (at our standard price).


No minimum charge for orders, and no hidden fees. All prices include GST


No charge for any blank tapes, TV, or movie content. *We check first few minutes and if the tape is not digitised


Half-price charged for tapes under 5 minutes (rounded to the next $).


Bulk discounts available – contact our team to find out more!

Choose which memories to convert & how to store them
Free if you supply your own, or an additional charge depending on the size of the USB stick to convert VHS to digital
From just $10 for a Google Drive link to download your videos and images!
$8 per DVD used for copying VHS to DVD (see below for more details).
Small but mighty: the power of a USB stick

VHS to digital (via a USB stick) is the recommended method for storing memories for longevity reasons, making it possible for later generations to enjoy the videos. This versatile digital file lets you make edits, add music, cut segments – whatever you choose! You can also upload the video and audio content to the cloud, or plug the USB stick into a Smart TV, for sharing with friends and family.
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Converting VHS to digital USB (.mp4 format)

The best memories are always worth reliving, from family weddings to baby christenings. Tapes to Digital makes it easy and hassle-free to convert video tapes to digital.

The prices below are regardless of the tape type, with any tapes below 5 minutes in length charged half-price (rounded to the next dollar).. Customers ordering in bulk are eligible for discounts – get in touch to find out more!

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digi8, MiniDV , Micro MV, Mini 8cm DVDs, or full-size DVDs
Number of tapes Cost per tape
1-4 $28
5-10 $25
11-20 $23
21-30 $21
30+ $19

* Any tape that runs over 1.5 hours will be treated as a new tape and charged at $10. This is because analog tapes are converted in real time. However, if the tape is not much longer than 1.5 hours, you will not be charged extra. You supply the USB or hard drive for digital files. Please note that an additional $18 fee is assessed for NTSC American/Japanese and French tapes.

Please note that an additional $18 fee is assessed for NTSC American/Japanese tapes.

Scenario 1 : 40 tapes provided

First 30 tapes will be $21 each. Then, the next 10 tapes will be $19 each.

Additionally, all tapes over 1.5 hours will be charged at $10 per 1.5 hours thereafter.

Scenario 2 : 10 tapes provided

The 10 tapes will be $25 each. Tapes over 1.5 hours will be charged at $10 per 1.5 hours thereafter.

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Copying VHS to DVD (.mp4 format)

Tapes to Digital recommends converting VHS to digital via a USB stick – read the section above to find out why. However, for customers who haven’t yet upgraded to a Smart TV or prefer more traditional viewing methods, copying VHS to DVD is a great alternative.

When you come to us for copying VHS to DVD, you can expect excellence. We use one DVD per 1.5 to 2 hours of content, and we never use cheap DVD recorders, burning a high-quality digital file instead.

Plus, we only charge you half-price (rounded to the next dollar) for tapes below 5 minutes, with bulk order discounts available.

For customers interested in copying VHS to DVD, please be aware that we don’t lock or copy protect our DVDs.

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digi8, MiniDV , Micro MV, Mini 8cm DVDs, or full-size DVDs
Number of tapes Cost per tape
1-4 $28 + $8 per DVD
5-10 $25 + $8 per DVD
11-20 $23 + $8 per DVD
21-30 $21 + $8 per DVD
30+ $19 + $8 per DVD
Need international tape formats digitising?

We charge an extra service fee of just $18 for all NTSC American/Japanese and SECAM/French format tapes. Access your all-time favourite memories forever, stored on a handy USB stick.
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Converting photos to digital (.jpeg format)

Look through photos from every momentous occasion in one place – without having to bring boxes of loose images down from the attic every time someone asks for them!

Tapes to Digital transfers photos, slides, and negative frames onto a USB stick for memories that deserve to be cherished forever.

Cost Bulk discounts
$0.80 per loose photo 100+ photos
$0.80 per slide 100+ slides
$0.80 per negative frame 100+ negatives
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Converting audio cassettes to digital (.mp3 or .wav format)

Eager to remember sweet conversations with your kids in the 80s or renewing your vows in the 90s? At Tapes to Digital, we convert audio cassette tapes so you can listen back as if it was just yesterday!

All audio cassette tapes are transferred to USB, offered as both .mp3 and .wav formats through our standard service and price. Bulk discounts are also available – contact us for more information.

Number of tapes (First side) Cost per tape
1-4 $33
5-10 $28
11-20 $25
21-30 $23
30+ $18

Cost per tape (second side) $12
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Converting reels to digital (.mp4 format)

Tapes to Digital can convert video tapes to digital – not just VHS and cassette tapes, but reels too.

Speak to a team member to discover whether you qualify for our bulk discount offer!

Type of reel Cost per reel
3" $55
4" $85
5" $120
7" $140
8" $170
9" $200

*Please note sound reels have a loading of $33
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Cleaning VHS & VHS-C tapes

Mould often appears on tapes, especially if it’s been many years since you last watched your memories on replay.

Not to worry! Tapes to Digital cleans and eradicates those pesky white patches of mould on your tapes before copying VHS to DVD or a USB stick – from just $28 per tape.

VHS & VHS-C Repair price

The cost to repair a tape starts at $28. This excludes digital conversion and is purely for repair.

Get our best price guarantee on all services

Ask a friendly team member to convert video tapes to digital (AVI for Windows or ProRes/MOV for Mac). Additional charges may apply

Going the extra mile: video edits & enhancements

Did you know? We can also transform your video-watching experience with professional edits and enhancements! Request more information from the Tapes to Digital team today!