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Are you thinking of storing personal or business videos in the cloud?

Uploading and storing your content in the cloud can be an efficient way to save on storage space, share videos easily with friends, colleagues or family and protect videos from unauthorised access.
We offer online cloud storage and backup services for a fixed and ongoing subscription (approximately the price of two coffees per month). The service is completely private and not available in the public domain so you decide who sees the videos.
Who is this service for?
This service is available to individuals and businesses of all sizes who need affordable cloud storage and backup services. Share your videos easily with family and friends using our FREE app available for Apple and Android phones. Simply download from the App store or Play store, log in and share!
When to use cloud storage
You have videos and photos which are large in size. It's taking up too much space on your hard drive and you need a secure way to store them elsewhere. Using cloud storage frees up space on your devices and removes the risk of losing precious memories due to tapes getting damaged or lost.

What is cloud storage and how does it work?
What does it mean to store videos and photos 'in the cloud?' Your content is stored, maintained and managed remotely, and you can access or share these anytime over the Internet. The cloud can be a great place to digitally store all your home videos for example.

Protect your precious memories
Ask us about our affordable cloud storage and hosting services

Advantages of storing your photos and videos in the cloud

Content is stored virtually on servers and doesn't occupy physical space on DVDs, CDs or hard drives
It's quicker to find things on the cloud because of search capabilities
You can access it anywhere, anytime as long as you're connected to the Internet
Not affected by damage, deterioration of physical storage devices so content is fully protected and always backed up
Reduced operation costs and less information clutter for businesses
Automatic syncing of content across connected devices, saving time in updates, so you always have the latest copy available
Extra security in place to protect your memories or business materials
Don't lose your precious memories.
Ask us how we can help to convert your VHS tapes into flash drive.
How secure are your photos and videos in the cloud?
Our cloud hosting service has extra layers of security and protocols to protect your content from being accessed by unauthorised persons. Each account has passwords and different levels of access which are set by the individual or the business.
How much will cloud storage cost you?
We offer an affordable subscription to all clients. Each new client gets 4 days free after which you'll be charged $8 dollars each month, until you cancel.
On-demand technical support
Compared to other cloud hosting services, our subscription is 240% lower and saves you $18 per month. We're reasonably priced and provide on-demand technical support when needed.
Tapes to digital Secure

Had a great first experience with Tapes to Digital, super easy to communicate with Logan and the results were fantastic!

Absolutely outstanding!! Logan not only did a phenomenal job with the VHS conversions but also was able to work perfectly with the rather tight deadline I had. I couldn’t be happier with the results!! :D