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Need an online video editing service that’s professional yet affordable?

Have you celebrated a milestone? Is your recording a mishmash of images, movements and clips? Get them edited by Tapes to Digital so they’re fun to watch and share with others!
We are a professional video editing service and edit all kinds of videos - from birthdays, farewell parties, anniversaries, corporate events to religious ceremonies.
Who is this service for?
If you have a collection of home movies or corporate videos in need of a polish and an expert editing eye
If you need someone to record special events using professional equipment, add graphics and music to create final video. Choose any commercial music track to accompany your clips.
If you have old photos or negatives that need to be turned into a video slideshow
Have old video tapes that are damaged? Or need repairs?
We do all the above and more. If there's a service you need that's not listed, please call us for more information.

Video Editing services

Our happy customers

Had a great first experience with Tapes to Digital, super easy to communicate with Logan and the results were fantastic!

Absolutely outstanding!! Logan not only did a phenomenal job with the VHS conversions but also was able to work perfectly with the rather tight deadline I had. I couldn’t be happier with the results!! :D

Need video production or editing services?
Call our creative team to discuss what you need an 1300 827 370 or send us an inquiry via our Contact page. We'll create something memorable for you while you enjoy your moment.